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Raise Immunization Rates in Your Practice

Vaccines are one of the most important parts of staying healthy in adulthood. Get the support and resources you need to raise immunization rates in your practice, protect your patients, and increase revenue. Join the American College of Physician’s (ACP) I Raise the Rates program, a quality initiative dedicated to raising adult immunization rates in New Jersey, Florida, Louisiana and Arkansas. Benefits include access to a monthly newsletter, coaching calls, and support from an expansive network of physicians, nurses and public health professionals to help you succeed in raising the rates. You’ll gain expert insights into methods for quality improvement, patient communication, billing and coding, and involving residents and staff to build a culture of immunization in your practice. For more information on how to join the I Raise the Rates initiative in New Jersey, contact Michael Cestare, program manager at

This project is supported by funds from Pfizer.