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The purpose of NJIN’s Working Groups/Committees is to assist NJIN’s full-time staff and leadership team in generating and developing immunization resources for healthcare professionals and immunization advocates. Some of these resources include in-person events such as seasonal community flu and COVID-19 vaccine clinics and conferences. These groups also help develop digital resources such as monthly webinars and on-demand immunization resource guides that address timely and real-world questions regarding immunizations.

The Education and Events work group is open to all NJIN members regardless of profession, title, or credentials.

If you’re interested in learning more or would like to be considered for membership in an NJIN work group please email our Program Director at

Education and Events Work Group

The Education and Events working group is made up of professionals who are interested and passionate about community and membership event planning, development, and implementation. NJIN’s seasonal community flu and COVID-19 vaccine clinics, the Adult Immunization Conference, and other events are supported and developed by this work group.

Core Goals and Objectives

Identify, plan, discuss, create, and support immunization-related programming. Examples of programming include:

  • Flu Warriors Festivals
  • Annual Adult Immunization Conference
  • Back to School Webinar

Collaborate to create new events and programs that are related to immunizations

  • Specifically based on needs and suggestions from peers and NJIN’s Steering Committee

Meets: Fourth Wednesday of every month, from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST

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